New year, new page!

Last time I posted in my website was in October last year and there have been a lot of changes since then,so here is a super quick resume of what I’ve been up to…

At the start of January I’ve moved to San Francisco to work with Jonathan Blow on his new game “The Witness” that you can read a bit about here (Kotaku coverage). It has been a great change for me, from Ubisoft’s corporate minded game development to a more challenging and stimulating experience with a small Indie team.

I’ve also been asked to do a small interview for 3D Total magazine that you can have a look here (PDF format)  if interested, it goes over my role as Art Director and the issues that I have faced during the last years as game developer.

I’ve always loved videogames and my goal has always been to try and create something meaningful that can elevate this medium as an art form. I felt my work at Ubisoft was getting very far away from that, purely commercial and marketing driven and I hope, with this move, that I’ll finally be able to make a difference and give my skills to something that can actually make a difference.

The city is full of life and the team is incredibly passionate so I’m curious how the next year will develop…

And since I cannot have a art blog without posting images here is the only released screenshot so far of one of the buildings I worked on recently with a before/after comparison. We are working closely with an Architect studio allowing us to build structures that have a really strong aesthetic balance while staying true to the gameplay.

I’m still settling in so it will take me sometime until I can start posting proper updates but please stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Luis, I’m a Portuguese game programmer working in the United States. I wanted to send you an email but can’t find your contact information anywhere.

    I’d love to network and talk a bit about the state of the industry in Portugal.

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