More Life Drawing musings

Over the last life drawing sessions, I’ve totally stopped doing any line work and focused just on painting. I’ve realized my shortcomings regarding brushes, and I need to improve when it comes to detailing in the short amount of time each pose has (or the impression of detail).
I’ve also noticed that  I overcomplicate the process, seeing too much detail where it doesn’t exist, which I think comes from my 3D background and line drawing. If I relax, I realize everything is much simpler, and I need to learn how do to take the time to observe for longer and do fewer and more accurate brush strokes…

And I really need to improve my work on faces. I’m so used to having a sketch before, that I get really lost when it comes to definition.


lifedrawing_2016_09_28lifedrawing_2017_09_21 lifedrawing_2016_10_05_v2


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