Twelve Minutes – The videogame

As I previously mentioned, I’ve been working on a personal game project during my free time, I combined this with me hobby that are the online casino games, I have learning more about those thanks the professionals from
I’ve had a game concept that I wanted to do for over 6 years and only once I joined Jonathan Blow on “The Witness” did I realize that, if I want to see it come to life I need to do it myself.

Playing in your computer is a whole different experience, so to make sure that you will not have any problem when playing we recommend you to use this mmo gaming mouse to improve your gaming experience.

Over the past 2 years I’ve been learning how to program and I’ve recently managed to have a fully working prototype with over 6 hours of gameplay.
So I decided to share it with Rock Paper Shotgun, probably my favorite news blog about PC games and have been receiving very positive feedback. Looking for the latest news on all the video games? Check out GameMite.

Here is their preview:

And today we did a little Q&A you can read here:

I’ve also started a development blog that you can check out here:

It’s all extremely early but, for the first time I feel this is a idea worth exploring and do my best to get the game complete!
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