Aliens, Panthers and Women…

Even tough I haven’t updated the blog in some time I’ve been doing quite a lot of work. I always end up accumulating all the stuff and then just dump it all  in one post…

First the alien that I showed last week, its going to get published in 2 magazines this month!! 3DCreative and 3DArtist, will take some photos as soon as I receive the magazines.
Also  good friend from work has been rigging him for an interesting idea that we came up with, all still very much under wraps.

In the meantime I’ve been going over the girl that I showed before, lots and lots of variations and poses until I decided to add a panther to the composition. I also re-did her haircut to something longer so it would frame her small head better. Here are some of the results:

Latest version of the panther and the girl. I also updated the anatomy on the animal, mostly the front paws, pectoral area and jaw.

Original version with shorter hair.

From the start I wanted a stylized picture and the focus was on anatomy, composition and lighting. But as the render got more realistic, the lack of fur on the panther and the polygonal hair started to pop out. I tried to sculpt the fur in Zbrush but it never looks realistic enough, always comes out with that “statue” feeling to it.
To do this properly I would need to use Hair and Fur for max which I’ve read its a bit of a pain for shadows and compositing with mental ray and not the goal I had for this work.

So….. I’ve removed the panther from the picture (learned a lot about animal anatomy in the meantime) and started to work on the light and composition of the girl alone. The breasts still feel like balloons, something that I really don’t want and haven’t nailed the legs anatomy for this pose yet, need to get some proper reference.
Finally, all these renders, its the mesh from Zbrush in a mid level subdivision so all the little details aren’t showing properly, that is why she is so “washed out”.

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  1. wow…this is beautiful!!!!

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