Twelve Minutes – The videogame

As I previously mentioned, I’ve been working on a personal game project during my free time.
I’ve had a game concept that I wanted to do for over 6 years and only once I joined Jonathan Blow on “The Witness” did I realize that, if I want to see it come to life I need to do it myself.

Over the past 2 years I’ve been learning how to program and I’ve recently managed to have a fully working prototype with over 6 hours of gameplay.
So I decided to share it with Rock Paper Shotgun, probably my favorite news blog about PC games and have been receiving very positive feedback.

Here is their preview:

And today we did a little Q&A you can read here:

I’ve also started a development blog that you can check out here:

It’s all extremely early but, for the first time I feel this is a idea worth exploring and do my best to get the game complete!
Not sure yet how I’ll do that but it will be another interesting journey.

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