Born in Lisboa, Portugal.
Started to draw as soon as I could grab a pencil and thanks to great friends and inspiration I’ve had the opportunity to grow as an artist and do what I love.



After highschool I had high enough grades to choose Architecture or Fine Arts, once I realized how much more vast and creative I could be in Fine Arts, I made my choice.

For the next five years I had the chance to try a bit of everything, from webdesign, film, editing, logo design all sort of multimedia and get my hands in many different applications from Flash to Dreamweaver, Photoshop and AfterEffects. I must also say, eventough the teachers where not that savvy in technology they knew a lot about methodology and organization, the core of design, understanding the Why of everything we do and organize and plan around it, something I find crucial in my daily life and attitude as an artist.

Always on the side, playing videogames and understanding what happens behing them I had my first  eye opening moment. While messing around in Worldcraft (Half-life original level editor) I decided to have a try at doing an asset for it, and for that I needed to learn 3Ds max. I got one of those fat “3Ds max Bibles” and for the next 3 months, every single evening I would stay until the early hours in the morning learning how to use it.

I have to say it was one of the greatest revelations, the power of tridimensionality! Nothing would ever be the same… from my 2D illustration background, seeing 3D come to life.
I also realized that in my degree no one really used any 3D tools, I was fascinated with compositing and making animation in Studio max while everyone else was still trying out stuff in flash. This was when I realized I had to move forward.

Since I was always drawing I decided to start my professional career as a freelancer and save enough money so I could “grow” out of Portugal once I had my degree, so I started my freelancer adventure as an artist for some of the biggest Portuguese magazines and newspapers, including Expresso, Maxim and did some TV work for channel SIC allowing me to have a varied portfolio.

This was also the time that I started to understand the power of communities, CGtalk, Conceptart.org and all the others, growing and growing and everyone sharing knowledge.

During the last 2 years of University it all became clear, I would work in videogames no matter what. I finished my portfolio and thanks to my degree I was able to make a strong online portfolio as well as interactive DVD with work samples and a demo reel. Now it was just a matter of applying to my favorite videogame companies and see what would happen.

I got a job offer from Rockstar Games in London so I decided to give it all and moved out of Lisbon to start my game developer career and first ever full time job.




This was the second eye opener, what life really is and what is there to enjoy. The amazing amount of passion, culture, activities and beauty in this city is hard to describe. I’ve met amazing people and lived incredible stories that I can’t even believe.

Professionally I had the privilege to work with some amazingly talented people and learning what the videogames industry is all about.
At Rockstar I worked on Manhunt 2 and Midnight Club L.A. Remix, being given more and more responsibility having a chance to work on characters,  environments and helping with outsourcing and organizing Life Drawing for the studio artists.

Briefly working on Max Payne 3 and doing some concept for a brand new IP I decided it was time for change so after some searching around the world I found a great opportunity as a Lead Artist in Ubisoft Quebec studios.
So at the start of 2009 I moved to Quebec, Canada and  started a new chapter of my life.



QUEBEC, CANADA – UBISOFT (2009 – 2012)

Quebec was a nice breath of fresh air from London, switching from drinks and incredible nightlife to sports and outdoors. I’ve done yoga, snowboard,learn french and even piano lessons, something I never believed I would have the time! I kinda miss the cultural vibe of a city like London, everyone is so passionate while here its a lot more laid-back.

But its amazing, each new experience makes me learn more about the world and life and what I want to build for my future.

In terms of work I had the chance to work in 2 Xbox360 Kinetic titles  and learned a lot about being a Lead Artist. I had the chance to mentor younger artists, get my hands in scheduling, defining outsourcing and pipelines and work closely with the art director to achieve the art style. There is a very rewarding feeling to see a game grow while you support with the direction, its one of the things that I’ve always loved in games, the amazing teamwork and spirit that it generates while the team creates truly original ideas on the most groundbreaking industry.

I was given the chance to become Art Director, a role I enjoyed since I could use my skills to define the visuals and make the work with the gameplay as much as possible.
Unfortuntaly big studios are always “shackled” to stockholders, marketing pitches and seeing some great ideas and talent go to waste was bringing me down. So I decided to look towards the indies, people like Chris Hecker and Jonathan Blow that have inspired me for a long time.

I had the opportunity to move to San Francisco and work on “The Witness”, something I couldn’t refuse!




Moved in just in time for the New Year of 2012…and what a journey it has been so far.

I’ve been working with Jonathan Blow on “The Witness”, easily the best game I’ve ever been part of. I’ve also been invited to talk about the art direction of the game for GDC 2014 which was an amazing experience.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have my work published in Ballistic Publishing’s Expose 10, and articles about my work on 3DCreative, 3DWorld and other publications.

Like if this wasn’t awesome by itself I’ve also started to work on my personal project TWELVE MINUTES which has recently been covered very positively by Rock Paper Shotgun!

…Thats about it, more will be written as I live it! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring 🙂



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