3DTotal Award!

And just received a Frontpage Gallery in 3Dtotal and the Golden Eye award… I never expected such great feedback from the image, really happy 🙂

The Interview

And here it is, the final version! Really happy with the result. (And its top row at Zbrush Central, yay!!!!!) And for those interested, here is the previous version, it was about to be the final but thanks to some amazing fellow artist I was inspired to try and improve …

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Light Tests

Here are some more progress shots of the last week of work in the creation of the alien shoot. I’ve been trying different light setups, adding new props, tweaking material properties and trying to find the right pose and expression to convey the idea of someone thinking on a question …

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Quo Vadis

I finally found the time to re-learn Mental Ray properly. After having an overview of V-ray, I decided to go back to Mental Ray since it comes with 3Ds Max and I’ll be able to use it at work and at home. After spending the whole weekend going through PDFs …

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Been working on this guy over the last week. Trying to improve my skills in ZBrush and Mental Ray. Skin texture was made with polypaint. Quite happy with the current result but not yet finished. (the neck needs some work)


Following my character research last week, here is another attempt. Same as before, 2 days work, ZBrush and Photoshop.