Update on the alien! Body shape changed quite a lot, it resambles more of a lizard now, curious of what the skin color will look like. Adding scales and small detail before moving to the texture.

Female Torso video

Might as well put here the 360 degrees render I made of the previous female model. Quite happy with the poly hair. It doesn’t work perfectly for animation but its not that far away either (originally I only planned it for certain camera angles). Blogger video resolution is not the …

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Alien Dude

New alien model, still working on the shape, this time want to do a bit of concept design and modelling at the same time. Started with a base human torso (the same for the female model) and already retopologized to fit the new shapes. Originaly planned as a mix between …

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Final Torso

Ok, I will consider this finish and move to the next one. UVs could have been better spread allowing for much more detail and the texture work could do with some more balancing. Next one will be much better for sure!

Poly Hair

New update. Added hair and small tweaks everywhere. Now I’ll focus on shader work and improve her expression.. she seems too worried at the moment.

Couldn’t wait! 😀 quick test render in max, just texture, no bump or specular.

Small update, added eyebrows and fixed eye sockets (they were too big). Another Zbrush viewport render. The bump map is procedural and there is no control over the specular. Going to mental ray and see if I can get better results.

And one more. Next week we are doing a male model, so it should chance the art quite a bit 🙂