And finished diffuse texture. Zbrush render with diffuse applied to High res mesh.

Small update on the model. UV mapping is complete. Playing with normal map settings to get best results. High res model is Zbrush and the rest is max viewport.

Personal polyflow study. Im making sure the loops follow the muscles as much as possible to help the shapes during animation.

Human anatomy study, work in progress.More than 1 year using this software and I’m still amazed with Zbrsuh, its the first tool that I actually feel I’m doing art. The technical issues are so behind the scene… the freedom for sculpting and just having fun, doodling around, its just really …

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And the final version. Thinking on maybe doing some other characters from the comic.


Small update with shaders in mental ray. Going to work on the texture (only bump at the moment) and lighting a bit more and it should be done.Also the presented model is in zbrush sdiv3 and has been detailed until sdiv6 (1.8 mil polys) which I will only import to …

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New model, still WIP as usual. Leslie from Liberty Meadow by Frank Cho!

Marble Hobo

Update on the old guy. Will attempt a marble style old bust. Face still needs work (making him older). Right now working on hair and eyebrows.

New head, old guy with beard. Going for a more classical/statue look to it. Want to achieve a good result with just modelling.

Look at me!

Playing around with the female torso and making expressions to test the geometry flow. Render is straight from Zbrush.