More Life Drawing musings

Over the last life drawing sessions, I’ve totally stopped doing any line work and focused just on painting. I’ve realized my shortcomings regarding brushes, and I need to improve when it comes to detailing in the short amount of time each pose has (or the impression of detail). I’ve also noticed …

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Life Drawing Sessions

The bulk of my work is now on Twelve Minutes and so any art that I do ends up being  focused on that project and posted on the game’s website. I feel its important to keep track of your creative work and somehow catalog it. It allows you to see the progress …

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Back to Life Drawing.

For the last 4 years, working on The Witness and Twelve Minutes at the same time, besides being exhausting, it forced me to give up on a lot of activities that I love doing. One of them is Life Drawing, so once I knew I was going full time on Twelve Minutes, …

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Art of ‘The Witness’ – Update 4!

The fourth update is now live, once again with 4 new sections. You can check them out below: Clouds Forest & Beach The Keep Discarded Fun As usual you can also go to the main Art of ‘The Witness’ page  to check all the previous updates.

Art of ‘The Witness’ – Update 3!

New update!  Every time I think I’m almost done with this, more and more content starts to pop out.You can find the four new sections below: Boat Hub Mountain Tutorial UI You can also go to the main page here, and  check all the previous updates.

Art of ‘The Witness’ – Update 2!

A new update, with some more of the work I did for ‘The Witness’.  You can find the four new sections below: Lady in the Bay Marsh & Bunkers Symmetry Island and Glass Factory Detailed Textures Or just go to the main page here, and also navigate through the previous updates.

Art of ‘The Witness’

Now that the game is out, and a few weeks have passed, I’ve updated my portfolio with the work I did. Unlike previous companies, where everything is under NDA, we have a lot of room to share the process we went through to create the island. With that in mind, …

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