PowerUp Heroes!

I had the pleasure to work on the really cool fighting game for the Xbox360 called PowerUp Heroes. It just got released so I finally got the approval to show some of the stuff I had a chance to do.

We had to create Super Hero characters that would fit with the Microsoft Avatar’s world constraints and look cool at the same time.
It was a great experience and gave me a chance to be really creative.

The first one is the Lava female character. The male version was already complete so the goal was to try and create a more feminine version of the same concept but keeping the lava aggressive style.

The second one, the cybernetic guy was a great challenge since we never got a final concept for it. I used polypaint to draw patterns on the body until we found a armor design that would work (his back and arms open to release miniguns and rocket launchers). It was great to conceptualize directly in 3D and be able to see it come to live.

We had about 2 weeks to get each one done so there wasn’t much room for re-design.
The last one is a  prop I did for the Shaman character!.







  1. coool (or hot if we’re talking about the lava girl)

  2. wow antonio you really amazing….your work has really inspired me to work more harder…..all your work be it illustrations or the INTERVIEW…..lovely work. In your interview you have told you want to teach then i want to be your student……

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