New head

Started work on a new 3D head. At the moment pretty realistic but will stylize as I go. Working during lunch hours, about 45 min per day. 3 lunchtimes so far.  

Zbrush 4 and Simba!

I had a model that I did about 2 years ago in my Zbrush folder, waiting to be rendered. With the release of Zbrush 4 its the perfect moment. I decided to render it all inside Zbrush and do the usual composite inside Photoshop. It was great fun and learned …

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My Character Creation Tutorial just went online at 3DTotal! You can check it HERE.                

Learning Vray – First Render

I wanted to make a nice render for the video tutorial character I made, and seeing that I also wanted to learn Vray i decided to get the together! Amazing renderer, intuitive and really fast. Still learning how to use the actual Vray Shaders, but I’m quite happy for this …

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Character Creation for Videogames

This set of tutorials should give you a overall idea of the process of character creation. It does not go into technical details of the sofware that is being used, but should give you ideas and suggestions of different tools and methods in the process. This is the process I …

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Zbrush Sketches – Clint Eastwood

And Zbrush works amazing on the tablet, this is my second sculpture using the le1700 and it went really smoothly. Made my own UI layout to accomodate for the lack of buttons and after a couple of hours it was organic modelling again!

LE1700 – Life Drawing part 2!

And now changed to PaintTool Sai. The stylus responsiveness compared to Sketchbook is the same and miles better than Photoshop. Also Paint Tool has some good features from PSD like layer blending modes and lots of brushes that you can refine. Overall, amazing experience. I’m now trying to get Zbrush …

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